Sunday, December 11, 2011


This year we had a smaller crowd in Park City for Thanksgiving, and I made my very first Chocolate Puddin’ Pie.

Chocolate Puddin’ Pie was one of my Nana’s specialties, I miss her the most at Thanksgiving. While we were cooking I couldn’t help but think of the sweet memories I have of visiting my Nana and Grandaddy. When we slept over Nana would come in our rooms in the morning and say, “Ya’ll get in here before these biscuits get cold!” with her Mississippi accent.

I seriously didn’t even realize how amazing it was that she made her own biscuit dough from scratch, rolling and cutting them out, and baking them in a greased cast iron skillet. To put on top? Jams made from the fruit of the trees in her backyard. For dinner she made southern fried chicken and the most amazing potato salad. At Thanksgiving she made cornbread dressing and homemade rolls and THE BEST pies. Everything was full fat, extra butter, no shortcuts. That’s the stuff of the Food Network, I didn’t even realize it was awesome at the time.

I forgot my dang camera, so IPhone pics/sister hook ups are where it's at:

The food was perfect, and the company even better.

Oh, and Benson? He ate stuffing. Literally, only stuffing. He has a one food complex. Those divided plates where you can give your kid three different things to eat? Not needed here.

We shopped black Friday (craaazy), played an obscene amount of Pinball and saw the lights at Temple Square. What a perfect way to kick of the Christmas season.

We’ve been decking the halls and Benson helped us pick out the perfect tree!

Brandon and I got crafty and made a cute family memory game for our nieces for Christmas:

Totally Martha, right!?

This season and always, I'm so thankful for my family, my husband and perfect baby boy, for my Savior and my knowledge of the Gospel and for my many, many blessings.

Oh, and just in case you feel like whipping up a Chocolate Puddin' Pie:


Celeste said...

I could just squeeze Benson's cute face! Love your tribute to Nana. I think about her often, but especially at Thanksgiving. :) Miss you guys so much!

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