Sunday, October 16, 2011

One for the Chubs

I plugged my camera in today to upload some pictures and found some serious gems!

Naked bubble time!

Naked pool time!

Lovin' the beach.

Four wheeling with dada.

Pinball Wizard!

Benson is getting ginormous and it's been an adventure learning the ins and outs of toddlerhood. As of late, his favorite word is dat! As in dat, dat, dat! I want dat! Usually "dat" is a light he wants on, or he wants someone to lift him up to turn the light switches on or off or pull the strings on the ceiling fan. When we get in the car he starts yelling dat until we turn on the inside lights. Yes, we drive around Las Vegas in the dark with all of interior lights on. We have complete control.

He is talking quite a bit but rarely will say anything on queue. I love it when he busts out anana (Banana) or wanna crackah (I want a cracker). Knowing what your kid wants and getting it for them ASAP makes you feel like super mom. It's pathetic. We also get an occasional papa, mama, grammie, all his animal sounds, love you, night night, all done, etc. But mostly, it's dada and dat.

We have a little issue because my mom and I don't really buy Benson "boy" toys. The latest addition is a shopping cart and play food. Benson loves pushing it around the house (and slamming it in to the base boards occasionally). My dad mentioned we may need to pick up a truck for him at some point.

Favorites at 20 months:

Food: Pancakes! I get up every morning and whip them up for him. (Um, don't worry- totally kidding. Yay for Eggo!)

Treat: M&M's

Toys: His shopping cart and schlide (or your kid may call it a slide.)

Show: Yo Gabba Gabba

Movie: Baby Motzart (Still??!! Won't be sad when he grows out of this one.)

Song: I am a Child of God

Big Boy Things: Brushing his teeth, learning to eat with a fork, "walking" (AKA running away from us) instead of riding in the stroller or cart and folding his arms for prayers. This kid has a serious case of the "I do its"!

Excuse the horrible quality pictures, some of his best moments and all we had is a phone to capture them! (Yes, he's holding a giant Diet Coke, is sitting in the Dryer, and has black tire marks all over his face. Don't call CPS.)
Even when he coughs so hard he throws up EVERY day for 10 days straight (hoping we get this little situation figured out this week), I still get excited to see his precious face every morning and just love him so much I could squish him. Little chubs, this one is for you!


The Frampton's said...

We miss you guys so much!! Thanks for the update! Benson is the cutest! Also, I saw the picture of him with your dad and he looks sooo much older.. like a little boy!! Hope things are going well! Your room here is still available BTW :)

Celeste said...

Love it! He is so precious! Miss you guys!

Jamie said...

He is getting so big Mandy! Such cute pictures. I need to see him in person. I feel like he is growing way too fast. ;( Miss you guys. Hope all is well.

Marianne & Clayton said...

Oh this makes me miss you guys even more! He is so freaking adorable. I love reading what stage he is at. Seriously hope we can see you guys over the holidays! Squeeze his little face and kiss those cheeks for me.

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