Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hard Knock Life

I'm just going to be real here. Law School was fun. Hard, but fun. I miss it. I miss our friends and I am horrible at keeping in touch. I literally think about everyone on a daily basis and can't wait until we all have babysitters and are on an adults only cruise to Hawaii in 20 years or so. This was the first year in my eight years of marriage to Brandon that he didn't start school. We rocked 5 years at UNLV and 3 years at MSU. Perhaps a PhD is in our future? I wish.

This summer will forever be known as the summer of the BAR. It was the worst guys, seriously. Benson was literally traumatized from never seeing Brandon. He starting saying dada like 200 times a day and became obsessed with the garage because he saw Brandon disappear out that door every morning. We've been working with a therapist and he's doing much better. (Please know that I'm joking, but I may have Googled "toddler therapist Las Vegas" in a desperate moment.)

Throughout the studying and adjustments to life at home, we made sure to enjoy life and our families.

We spent lots of time in Park City which has become a place of utter happiness for me. I love the mountains (I mean the view, not the actual mountains), I love the cool breeze, the space for Benson to run and play. Life is simple there.

We celebrated the 4th of July. Watching The Canyons fireworks from our backyard rocked my socks.

Obviously the most epic event of the summer, my oldest sister was married in the Draper Temple and had the reception of my dreams. It was really just an amazing event. My horrible snapshots do not do it justice!

It was seriously beautiful and Holly and Brett are perfect together. We are so happy for them!

After the wedding craziness, we headed to the beach for Brandon's annual family reunion in Carlsbad. Last year Benson was only 6 months and wasn't so much a fan of the sand. This year, he ran, and laughed, and played, and ran and ran some more. Up and down the sand he went. His listening skills have yet to be developed so we chased, and followed and chased told him to come back an turn around and he ignored us and ran some more. You're not really allowed to be in the family if you don't love the beach so I'm really glad he fits in.

Our cousin Missy took these pictures that should be submitted to some sort of contest where we would win lots of money for having the cutest kid, dontcha think?

Up next for the Wood Fam: find B a job, find us a house, find out the BAR results, find Benson the perfect Halloween costume.

We'll keep ya posted.


Katie said...

so fun to see an update! we really should get together.

Jamie said...

I LOVE Benson. I want to see him run around!! I hear ya on the Bar thing. We should be finding out soon!! We are also in the process of finding a place to live. Just looked into a 850 sq foot townhome. I thought you were supposed to upgrade after law school.. no?? Anyway... SOMEDAY we'll get a house right? :) So good to hear from ya. We need to get together soon. I may be going to visit my brother in Arizona. Perhaps a meet up with the Woods in Vegas? I get a hold of you. Good luck with everything!

Mark & Bek said...

That reception looks gorgeous, and I laughed really hard about googling toddler therapists. Crazy little kids.

J-Leav said...

Oh I so very much understand the pain of the bar exam. I I'm so sorry for the loss of your husband over the last few months :) Good luck patiently waiting for the results!

Marianne & Clayton said...

We miss you guys like crazy! And just who is that little man you are parading around as your son? What the what, Mandy? Look at all his teeth! Already looking forward to hopefully seeing you guys over the holidays!

Sky and Laur said...
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Sky and Laur said...

Why Hello Woods Family
I am so bad! I remember talking to you almost everyday for about 2 years and now I don't even know what you guys have been up to the past couple of months. So, thanks for updating us on your cute families lives. Anyways just wanted to say hi. I can't believe how big and cute Benson is getting.
Miss you tons!
Laur, Sky, and Kins

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