Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things I Learned In Michigan...

It's okay to let people over when they need to change lanes.

It's okay to merge in advance when there's construction.

Grass is really green, in it's own. No spray paint required.

Things can literally sprout from the ground and live without any human intervention.

Barns are works of art.

Simple is okay.

Everyday is not a fashion show.

The most fun can be free.

Baked goods are meant to be shared, at least once a week.

Being independent helps you grow as a person.

Pot holes and mascara application do not mix.

Pot Holes make me angry.

Snow really isn't that bad.

Snow touching my bare skin makes me angry.

Uggs and leggings are in season October through April, and potentially May.

There are actually 4 distinct seasons in a year.

Don't eat Mexican food in the Midwest.

Living in a college town is fun, best people watching ever.

I don't want to raise my kids far away from family.

I can do hard things.

Go Green! Go white! Enough said.

I could eat Potbelly every single day.

Road kill makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Avoid looking at the side of the road at all costs.

I need sunshine (or Tanning Beds).

It's (semi) normal for ducks, squirrels, possums, deer, chipmunks, etc. to live in your backyard.

The feel/smell/energy of college football in a Big 10 stadium on game day is some of the best stuff on Earth.

The Izzone is legit.

Life can throw you a curveball at any ready.

How to be a mom, by watching some of the best moms I know.

Friends really are forever (I love you girls!).

It's possible to really want to be 2 places at the same time, Las Vegas is my home but a little piece of me will always belong to Michigan.


Mark & Bek said...

I loved this post.

Congratulations to both of you on graduation.

I want that diaper bag

Katie said...

ha- love the merge when there's construction one- made me laugh every single time I saw that in MI!

Jamie said...

Amen. I feel the EXACT same way. Love ya and miss you!

Marianne & Clayton said...

I love it! So true on all of it! The only good part about having our favorite friends leave is that it will make our leaving next year not so bad. We'll be joining everyone else out west. Well, hopefully.

Sky and Laur said...

Cute post Mandy. Everything you said was hilarious...So true. Miss you tons!!

The Sorensens said...

So glad you had such a great experience in Michigan. Moving always gives me a chance to reflect a lot on what I've learned while in a place, and it makes me love it even more. Sounds like you've done a lot of growing and have some funny memories to boot. Can't wait to see you at the beach!

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