Friday, May 20, 2011

Things That Happened While I Was Running Around Like a Crazy...

Packing, moving, studying, finals, working, graduation, garage sale, parties, anniversary, Mothers Day...

This last month or so was a whirlwind. It's all sort of hazy, I'm not really a 4-6 hours of sleep kind of gal. But from what I remember, its been sad, happy, sad, stressful, fun, and a little sad.

Sadly, I only have a pictures of a handful of these events. The garage sale not being one of them. It was my first and last. People rummaging through my stuff trying to "barter" with me is not my cup of tea.

We had one last crazy outing with our friends and went to a Tigers game. I loved it! Comerica Park was so awesome. It's May and we're in coats and boots, welcome to Michigan. We got the kids cotton candy but none of them would eat it so we had to take care of it for them. No worries.

Brandon and I celebrated Eight Years at the beginning of May. I love what we've accomplished and where we are at now. He really is my best friend and the most amazing Daddy. In the middle of the craziness he planned the day and got some friends to watch Benson. It was so fun to be able to just talk and hang out together, I'm a lucky girl.

My mom and little sis flew in on Mother's Day to help manage the craziness. The next few days we packed as fast as we could while still following my "everything in the box must go together and be inventoried on a spread sheet" system. I'm not crazy. I really could not have done it without them and my neighbors. Moving is the worst, avoid it.

Speaking of Mother's Day, shout out to our moms! We have two of the best.

Brandon hooked me up with a new Timi and Leslie diaper bag, I'm obsessed!

Bob graduated too and is now an actual Doctor, wow. You would think I would have taken a picture of him, but no, only of the kids and us girls... look how cute. I miss them! Ugh.

Jamie and I planned a little party for the law school grads. It was kinda white trash but seriously so fun. We wanted to celebrate with the people that were our lifeline for the last three years, it was our last hoorah. Love them. I avoided saying goodbye at all costs, I think I only cried twice.

And the reason we're here in the first place...drum-roll please...GRADUATION!

He (we) did it!!

Something about the bagpipes and all the graduates marching in line made me super emotional. I'm so proud of Brandon. I know it wasn't easy having a wife and new baby but he rocked it. I know he'll do big things and buy me a big house. Kidding. I'm so grateful for his friends. I know they made all difference in this experience. They have been so good to us. I'm so grateful for my friends, this would have been all the more difficult without them.

Moving day! Wow, the logistics that went into this are crazy. Jamie and I nearly lost it towards the end, our stuff literally didn't fit, we were literally packing up until the last second, but in the end we survived.

The crazy part is, they try to trick you by saying, Yay! You graduated! You're done! But the reality is, Brandon drove across the country Friday, got to Las Vegas Sunday, flew to Utah Monday, drove the moving van here, unloaded, and started bar prep on Tuesday. We are most certainly not done. Bring it on.


Marianne & Clayton said...

We already miss you guys like crazy. It's the knowing that you aren't here for real that sucks. Did you notice how I bailed on the final goodbye? Anyhow, hope things are settling down for you all. Michigan is lame now. Booooo.

Jamie said...

Your post is so much better than mine. You have cooler pictures. Anyway... We miss you guys. We're already planning a trip to Vegas so get ready to party. :) (After bar prep and all of that of course).

Katie said...

Wow! What an accomplishment for both of you- congrats! Glad you're back in Vegas- let's hang out! :)

Kacy said...

Congrats to you both! :) We are so glad you guys are in town now! Bar prep is no fun...let's get together!

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