Saturday, February 4, 2012


I feel like it’s a little cliché to say we’ve been super busy, because everyone is busy, but truth is we’ve been super busy. Poor little Benson used to get his picture taken weekly so I could plaster it all over the internet, he’s so neglected these days.

Since my last post, we celebrated Christmas, spent a few weeks in Park City, rung in the new year, spent a few days in the hospital having my gallbladder removed, went to Idaho, threw an airplane themed 2nd birthday bash, studied, worked, and studied some more.

Some days I feel great about where we’re at in life. (Wahoo! Saving money, love living with my parents, looking for houses is fun, studying hard, gonna pass the BAR, gonna find the perfect house, 2 year olds are awesome, life is great!) But some days… (I can’t believe we live with my parents, the houses I want are so dang expensive, 2 year olds are flippin’ hard, I’m so over work and I’m SO sick of the BAR!)

That being said, I did manage to snap a few pictures, mostly with a phone, and I owe it to Benson to plaster them all over the internet!

Seeing Santa was kind of drama, Town Square had a ridiculous wait and the line at the mall was out of control since I waited until the last minute. Luckily Benson has the best auntie that waited in line for an excessive amount of time so we could get this gem of a picture! I love how his 2010 picture is identical.

2010 2011

Benson still didn’t quite "get" Christmas this year, but loved all of his new toys and all of the treats hanging around. He figured out that there was candy on the counter and learned if he says "pleeesh" someone will give him a piece, ha ha!

Benson loves his new hat, Elmo airplane and his Pottery Barn chair. It's the perfect spot to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Our biannual soup party was a hit as always!

Christmas eve!

My sweet grandma had a stroke just before Christmas and passed away last week. It's hard to believe I'm at that point in life where all of my Grandparents have passed away, I so wish they could have all known Benson and that he could have known them. Even though it was under sad circumstances, I always love it when all of my sisters are together and I'm so grateful to Brandon for taking care of Benson and holding down the fort so I could be there.

I have to give a quick thanks to everyone who sent flowers, stopped by, and checked on my family while I was in the hospital (for an excessive stay of 5 days! Don't have emergency surgery on the weekend, the docs are golfing.) I definitely felt the love and am grateful for you all!

Here's to taking more pictures with a REAL camera, and trying to enjoy the (busy) ride!